Monday, January 3, 2011

Husband's surgery

I am so grateful that my husband's gallbladder surgery went well today.  He has had heart bypass twice, the last one in 2007.  I am thankful that he makes it through these episodes, as he calls them.  The Lord has been good to us.  The surgery today only took 45 minutes. The doctor paged me just as I was finishing lunch.  I thought "it is too soon..something must have gone wrong."  But it was good news.  I hope now that he will follow the surgeons orders and not think they don't apply to him.  He can be so stubborn about that sometimes.  Many church friends and others were praying for him and asking about him.  He was rather funny, trying to get dressed while under the influence of "sleep" drugs.  He kept stumbling and almost falling over.  He could hardly stay awake to eat dinner, although he was hungry from not eating today.  He amazes me.