Thursday, February 24, 2011

What's next

This month I managed to catch a stubborn virus...started with sore throat and has all the elements of a nasty headcold(not that there are any good headcolds). My youngest grandkids(I get to keep them several times a week) had the virus to start with...they actually had strep throat also.

I drove to our beach house this week to wash a twin comforter that had come home after several years away.  The wind was so strong...blowing the waves...and cold.  I returned  to the beach house on Wednesday. The weather was wonderful...calm waves, pleasant air.  I sat on the upper deck just enjoying the view and the warm.  It seemed to make the cold virus disappear for a few hours.  I love the beach, but since we rent it out during the peak spring and summer months, I do not get to enjoy this house as much as I would like.  But I need the income to pay the taxes and expenses there.  Mustn't complain.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just Venting

Feb has been an interesting month in the south.  Cold, rain and snow, doctor appointments. 
   I have had a problem with a bedroom skylight. It was replace two years ago, but would leak sometimes.  Not when it rained hard, but when it rained lightly.  Yesterday the company sent repair crew...they discoved the seal had never been installed (at the factory).  How does that happen?  Aren't things inspected before they are shipped out?
   Then to make my day even more ..the mattress company emailed us that our very expensive mattress, purchased Feb 2009 was not warranted for comfort.  We had complained to the retailer and then contacted the mfg.  There warranties only cover structural problems, but they said "comfort is not a warranty item".  I thought that was the main advertising buy a comfortable mattress.  We even had the "in store" test, something that measures your body for the type of comfort you need and then purchased the mattress with each side fitting each persons body needs.  Green for my husband, tan for me.  You can never turn these heavy mattresses and you are stuck with the uncomfortable thing. So be mattresses at your own risk!  You are stuck with them.  They told me they would solve our problem because they do not want me to "bad mouth" their company...and then they say "this is not under warranty".

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cold Weather

Is it going to warm up anytime soon?  My grandson and I went outside today and the wind was strong, making for a rather cold, blustery day. I have decided to go tomorrow to my first ever yoga class. At my age that can be risky.  It can also be risky to do I am giving it a try.  I have been using a yoga DVD, but I feel I need a little help to assure that I am doing it correctly.  My lovely granddaughter is a dancer.  Watching how limber she is causes me to wish I had been doing something to keep myself more limber.  She is amazing to watch.  My husband doesn't quite understand my love for the grandkids...he is an animal lover and enjoys watching animal life...anything outdoors.  He is a marvel...he stays so active, even with heart problems.