Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

How blessed I am to have my children and grandchildren all live within a few miles. Today we gathered at my oldest son's home to see what Santa had left his 2 children (5) and (2 1/2).  They were so excited..we had brunch there.  Then to my Mom's for Christmas Eve dinner and present exchange.  All were there and laughter was heard through out the house.  Plenty of food, too much actually.  Tomorrow we will all gather here for more present exchanges and lunch.  My daughter is preparing her awesome standing rib roast and creamed potatoes, my Mom her collards.  My dad died 10 years ago and we are so glad that Mom is still with us.  My husband is so kind and generous, always wanted this to be a good Christmas.  But as Christians, any Christmas is a reminder of the greatest gift of all.  May we not forget it is His day, not ours.  Merry Christmas to all...hope you have a good and blessed day.

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  1. What a wonderful family tradition we have. Merry Christmas Mom.