Monday, December 13, 2010


It seems each year at Christmas time I get sick.  I catch someone's cold or whatever. This year is no different, except it started earlier. My oldest son and his family had this same stuff for over two weeks and I think they shared it with me.  Last Monday (Dec 5) I drove my husband to the ER because of stomach discomfort.  He had had this previously in April.  We arrived at ER at 8 and finally got into a room after 10pm.  It was so cold in there and outside too!  After having ekg, blood tests and abdominal scan...Gallbladder disease.  They started him on Cipro. Wouldn't you know it,  the "piggyback" device carrying fluid and cipro quit working. Nurse had to restart.  It was a long tired. Drive to the 24 CVS across the street for meds to take home. Nice and warm in there. Pharmacist computers begins to shut no prescriptions filled.  It is 3:45 am Tuesday when we finally arrive home. I am so tired and sleepy I can hardly move.  The telephone wakes us at 8:30 much for sleep. Now my voice is sounding funny, throat hurts.  I have caught the dreaded Christmastime illiness...again.  It is still with me today. Christmas should be all about remembering the reason for the season, not about being sick.

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  1. At least you didn't have the "cough, pee, poots" like I had last year!! I can't believe it is this cold in DECEMBER here.