Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Monday after Christmas

Today, as with most Mondays, I was with my grandson. Only today it started at 7:40am and lasted until 6pm.  School is out for "Christmas break" and his parents were working.  About 2pm, as we were playing outside with our tractors..he said "I just love days like this".  Grammy power!!! We had a busy, fun day. We discovered a "heavy roller" (that is used on making highways, etc) at the shop. He was so excited, climbed up on it and pretended to use it.  Then he took me inside to "pretend" to ride with him on the 4 wheeler.  I love his imagination.  He doesn't have many friends in his new neighbor yet, and they don't play with tractors he says.  So I do!  My daughter and her family have traveled to Florida to spend the most of their Christmas break.  Everyone else went back to work.  My husband is scheduled to have his gallbladder removed this Monday.  Sure hope all goes easy...he has had two heart bypasses.  He is such a marvel...he takes everything in stride...trusting in the Lord.  My Mom had her gallbladder removed 10 years ago, started out to be the simple surgery, ended up being major surgery. She was 78 and still complains of what a terrible surgery to go through. 

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  1. You have way too much fun! Wish I'd seen his face when he made the discovery.