Thursday, February 24, 2011

What's next

This month I managed to catch a stubborn virus...started with sore throat and has all the elements of a nasty headcold(not that there are any good headcolds). My youngest grandkids(I get to keep them several times a week) had the virus to start with...they actually had strep throat also.

I drove to our beach house this week to wash a twin comforter that had come home after several years away.  The wind was so strong...blowing the waves...and cold.  I returned  to the beach house on Wednesday. The weather was wonderful...calm waves, pleasant air.  I sat on the upper deck just enjoying the view and the warm.  It seemed to make the cold virus disappear for a few hours.  I love the beach, but since we rent it out during the peak spring and summer months, I do not get to enjoy this house as much as I would like.  But I need the income to pay the taxes and expenses there.  Mustn't complain.

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  1. I am just glad that I have this opportunity to LIVE so close to the beach. I do enjoy the sound of the ocean and the smell of the salt air. So peaceful.