Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just Venting

Feb has been an interesting month in the south.  Cold, rain and snow, doctor appointments. 
   I have had a problem with a bedroom skylight. It was replace two years ago, but would leak sometimes.  Not when it rained hard, but when it rained lightly.  Yesterday the company sent repair crew...they discoved the seal had never been installed (at the factory).  How does that happen?  Aren't things inspected before they are shipped out?
   Then to make my day even more ..the mattress company emailed us that our very expensive mattress, purchased Feb 2009 was not warranted for comfort.  We had complained to the retailer and then contacted the mfg.  There warranties only cover structural problems, but they said "comfort is not a warranty item".  I thought that was the main advertising buy a comfortable mattress.  We even had the "in store" test, something that measures your body for the type of comfort you need and then purchased the mattress with each side fitting each persons body needs.  Green for my husband, tan for me.  You can never turn these heavy mattresses and you are stuck with the uncomfortable thing. So be mattresses at your own risk!  You are stuck with them.  They told me they would solve our problem because they do not want me to "bad mouth" their company...and then they say "this is not under warranty".

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  1. Time to sell "Lemonade" in front of said store -- to warn others of the buyer beware clause. Whoever heard of a mattress not being "comfort", good nights sleep=comfort=happy customer. I say false advertisement....fraud :) but that's just my 2 cents.